Jose Fernandez

People don’t just get over things like this, the tragic moment when o one the players you look up to passes away. Watching tons of videos of how kind and sweet he is to all his fans and team mates is priceless. His memories and highlights he made throughout his career are breath taking. As … More Jose Fernandez

King James

James spent the first 10 games this postseason looking like he needed to be playing in a league better than the NBA. Then, in Game 3 against the Celtics, he unexpectedly disappeared in a last-second loss despite the Cavaliers leading for basically three full quarters.It was notable for one enormous reason.Games like this hardly ever … More King James

Starting late

I think about if I played baseball my whole life. I ask people ,”how long they have been playing baseball” , and they give me the usual answer of …”3 years old”. We put our thought together and came to the conclusion that I would be a better baseball player hands down if I played … More Starting late

2017 season

Growing up watching your favorite team not making the playoffs every year is not fun. Growing up in California you have pretty much 4 local teams to choose from, San Diego, San Fran, Anaheim, and LA. I’ve followed the Angels for quite some time now , and their season haven’t been too hot. This year … More 2017 season

Student athletes

The dedication required to balancing school work and practice is the most difficult part of being a student athlete. I find that student athlete proves to be harder than most people think it is. Everyone thinks that it is just an easy ride when you are an athlete at a University. The thing is, they … More Student athletes