King James

James spent the first 10 games this postseason looking like he needed to be playing in a league better than the NBA. Then, in Game 3 against the Celtics, he unexpectedly disappeared in a last-second loss despite the Cavaliers leading for basically three full quarters.It was notable for one enormous reason.Games like this hardly ever happen for him.James is hurtling toward Fisher, who holds the record for most playoff games played. He needs at least a couple more deep playoff runs, but he’s poised to be No. 7 all time by the time this year ends barring a Finals sweep. He’s going to end up with around 218 or 219 games played in the postseason, most likely, putting him 39 or 40 games back of Fisher.That’s a lot of games, a lot of minutes, a lot of chances to mess up. Through 10 games, James was even better than usual — in fact, those around him said he is literally just that. That premise still holds true after the Game 3 dud, of course, but it was bizarre: James scored just 11 points on 4-of-13 shooting with six rebounds, six assists, and six turnovers. Some may disagree with his talent , but he shows that he should be up there with past stars. He is getting older and has been having to rest more. Some may think he’s coming to the end of his career while some may think otherwise. 2015-07-10-1436504282-9525293-GettyImages_464895810.jpg


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