Size Shouldn’t Matter

Growing up playing sports, I was the smallest of all the players. I’ve always tried telling myself that size doesn’t matter for reasons starting with having a smaller strike zone. This makes it more of a challenge for the pitcher to throw strikes. Secondly being small has its luck with maneuvering around, because it makes you quick. Third and last, kids may not my size but they rang around my size.

Jose Altuve is a stellar athlete playing to extreme heights.First of all, Jose is quick and leading the league is hits. Second of all, showing the crowd that he has power, by finishing the season off with 24 home runs. last, since the day Altuve was selected to be with the Astros , he started at second base, and was selected to 4 all star games. This is one athlete that proved his ability and played with more heart than anyone on the field.Some say size matters to succeed in baseball. The ones proving there point, start with having more power to hit the ball further. I can agree having extra power is a great thing to have, but isn’t a need. Secondly, when you fully extend your body, you can get a bigger lead, get to balls in the hole, and your closer to the next base.

I have now realized that size is only a plus and great to have, but isn’t a need. This is due to the fact that many athletes have succeed in many ways due their skills and abilities, not size. Having size does make scouts want to come out and look at you, but if you can’t preform, then whats the point? Having size gives you that natural strength that everyone wishes to have. To sum everything up, Athletes show their talents from all sorts of sizes.



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